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VeganWiki updated

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

VeganWiki’s been getting the shit spammed out of it lately. If you want to have a good laugh, the logs are a testament to how much spam fighting I was doing.

I googled around, but it looked like most of the spam-fighting functionality was added after my version (0.11). While in Yosemite, I took a couple hours to upgrade it to the latest version, 0.18, and install captchas. We shall see if this stems the tide of robots. I think it will be a temporary fix, at best.

Vegan Wiki and Spam

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Much to my chagrin I’ve disabled anonymous editing on VeganWiki because it was getting too much spam. I’m the only non-spammer who has ever edited it, but account creation is easy, in case any of you non-spammers want to give it a try.

Speaking of spam, the latest link spam on this blog made me giggle, “If I were you I would like to share such hot stuff referring to this good post utilizing the article submission service.” Very true, Ruby31yZ, very true.

Random web updates

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

VeganWiki got spammed by some botnet a couple days ago. Each instance of spam was from a different IP. I reverted all the changes and blocked all the IPs, but I think it’s just as useless to block botnet IPs as it is to filter spammers’ e-mail addresses: there are always more out there. I briefly Googled blocking spam in MediaWiki, but I haven’t actually read the article yet. Here’s a link in case anybody gets curious.

I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.9, as well as making minor template changes. My plugin appears to be working with the new version – as I expected it would.

On, I’m threatening to retool my portfolio, but I’m finding it difficult to toe the line between, “Be thorough and honest” and “Don’t tell your life’s story.” Maybe I’ll just go ahead and tell my life’s story. It’s bound to be interesting since I’m such an interesting person.


Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I’ve found myself spending increasing amounts of time standing in a supermarket with one can of beans in each hand wondering if I could save 55 cents by purchasing the one that contains sdaeajasdfdea, or if sdaeajasdfdea is an animal product. While being able to search the Internet from my phone is enormously helpful (seriously, how did I ever function without the Internet in my pocket?), some of these queries aren’t answered on the first page of results. In an effort to not continually be tracking down the same n ingredients every time I go shopping, I decided to start a wiki to record my findings named, for lack of a more clever moniker, VeganWiki.

I spent some time deliberating about this, because there’s already so much reference material on the Internet, I seriously questioned the need for adding more. But I didn’t find any one good resource on the matter, and some sites that seemed promising at a glance often contained errors or had a different ideas about what foods they consider vegan, making it worse than useless to me. While I hope others can benefit from this resource, the problem I was trying to solve was uniquely mine: I didn’t trust the other resources, and I don’t expect random strangers who come across this one will trust it much more.

I hope that, in spite of that, the collaborative nature of a wiki, in conjunction with judicious citations, will make it a resource useful to someone other than just me. It’s kind of a ghost town right now, but I hope you will consider adding your distinctiveness knowledge to its own.