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Random Blogroll Category v1.5.1

Monday, June 28th, 2010

I just committed a minor revision to my WordPress plugin Random Blogroll Category. The line that was supposed to remove an extraneous HTML tag was completely wrong. The latest version will put out valid HTML.

It’s worth noting that I have no further plans for developing this plugin unless it is broken by a future WordPress update.

A little secret

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Every once in a while I go to the page of my WordPress plugin to see how many people how downloaded it. I feel disproportionately gleeful every time the number rises. Today it went up to fifteen! And none of those were me! Maybe one day I’ll encounter it in use out in the wild, wild Internet. And when that day comes, I can assure you, I’ll giggle like a schoolgirl.

Why yes, I do make a habit of publishing secrets on my blog, why do you ask?

Random Blogroll Category added to the WordPress plugin directory

Friday, November 20th, 2009

My plugin was accepted in the WordPress plugin directory. You can see its page here. I just rated it five stars because I’ve got a huge ego.

I also updated it to make it possible to show the entire blogroll, or to show multiple random categories in a single call to this plugin. I didn’t upload the first version to the directory because its usage was very different, and I didn’t want to cause confusion.

WordPress plugin: Random Blogroll Category

Monday, November 16th, 2009

During my recent trip to Portland I finished my first WordPress plugin, Random Blogroll Category. Because of my limited Internet connectivity, I wasn’t able to implement it here or submit it to the official WordPress plugin repository until today. WordPress reviews every plugin, so you can’t see it there yet, but you can see it in action here: check the right sidebar: there should be two headings under the search bar: Non-profit orgs and one other one and a random blogroll category. Refresh the page a couple times to see other categories.

In the next version, I hope to include the ability to show the whole blogroll, but because this plugin alters the behavior of the function that retrieves the blogroll, that’s not easily done. A workaround is explicitly listing each category as a separate call, but nobody likes workarounds.

The great irony is that I created this because I was annoyed by how much space the blogroll was hogging on the right sidebar, but now I’m annoyed by the amount of whitespace. I still think it’s better this way: it’s exciting to have the space to implement new ideas.