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Random web updates

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

VeganWiki got spammed by some botnet a couple days ago. Each instance of spam was from a different IP. I reverted all the changes and blocked all the IPs, but I think it’s just as useless to block botnet IPs as it is to filter spammers’ e-mail addresses: there are always more out there. I briefly Googled blocking spam in MediaWiki, but I haven’t actually read the article yet. Here’s a link in case anybody gets curious.

I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.9, as well as making minor template changes. My plugin appears to be working with the new version – as I expected it would.

On, I’m threatening to retool my portfolio, but I’m finding it difficult to toe the line between, “Be thorough and honest” and “Don’t tell your life’s story.” Maybe I’ll just go ahead and tell my life’s story. It’s bound to be interesting since I’m such an interesting person.