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In memory of my dad

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Today is the 15th anniversary of my dad’s death. One of the first things that comes up when I talk about him is the addiction that killed him, but I try to remember him as a whole person, not just an alcoholic.

I only remember him ever giving me two pieces of advice:

  1. Always have a firm handshake
  2. Always keep a good sense of humor

They’re both good pieces of advice, but the second one is something I really try to live by. I aspire to never take myself so seriously that I can’t laugh about something juvenile. I remember him as having a consummate love for fart jokes. In kindergarten I got both of us in trouble when I re-told one to my teacher.

Another time we got in trouble with my mom for jumping in my crib. We thought it was hilarious even after it broke. My mom was understandably less amused. The part that really stayed with me is laughing riotously with my dad even after we got in trouble. It’s that sense of mischief and joy that I really want to remember about him.