Skys Experience Through Time
By Caroline Conlon

     It was an average morning for a watch on KJs wrists. KJ had many beautiful watches in her possession but out of her collection, her favorites were Sky and Gothum. Sky was a handsome, high strung, sky blue watch on KJs left arm. Gothum was the older and grumpier, black watch, on her right arm.  Her favorite watches were up to their usual business of trying to keep track of time. Gothum was doing well, as always, but Sky on the other wrist, was preoccupied by Star the Glitter Braclet. Gothum was always annoyed by Sky because of his inattentiveness to his job. In fact, he never really gave Sky the time of day.

     Sky suddenly realized that he didnt know what time it was. Hey Gothum he asked, do you know what time it is?
     Annoyingly Gothum replied, Its time for you to start paying attention to your job and stop drooling over Star.
     Its hard for me to pay attention to my job all the time.  Things tend to distract me, especially when they are as beautiful as Star. Said Sky flirtingly as he winked at Star.
     Why dont you start taking your job more seriously? Gothum said bitterly, Gezz, Im sick of you! Dont even talk to me anymore! Besides, its not my job to keep time for you, its my job to keep time for KJ! And by the way, thats your job too in case you have forgotten.

     Then without notice KJ reached to her left wrist and started to take off Sky the Blue Watch. She was finally fed up with him never being on time. She had put up with him for a while, and she had even given him more than one chance to do his job right.
     Ahh Man, Sky said sadly, I knew in the back of my mind that this would happen. Im sorry that I didnt take my job seriously enough. Bye Gothum Ill miss you, and Im sorry for ticking you off all the time. And Star my lovely, Ill miss you more than any of the other pretty purple or pink sparkly-bracelets. But Gothum, its important for you to know that I really did enjoy every minute working with you, and thank you for being my friend.
     Good Riddance! exclaimed Gothum. I wont miss you! My prayers have been answered. Gothum was in fact happy but, he knew in the back of his mind he would miss Sky.

10 minutes later
     Gothum was starting to miss Sky and his foolish ways. Man, Im starting to miss that little bugger. I wish I had someone to talk to and pass the time by. Sky may have been annoying but he was such a nice, innocent watch that you just had to love him, no matter how tough and angry I may seem.

The morals of this story are:

1. Stay on the dot or youll be on the trot.
2. Dont take friends for granted.
3. Dont judge a watch by its time.