The meaning of life


The purpose of life is to eat potatoes. Everyone can enjoy potatoes and potatoes can sustain your life-hood. They are a universal theme. While not everyone can see the color orange, or hear the glorious songs of Whitney Houston, everyone must eat. Even those who must recieve nourishment intra-vaniously can eat potatoes, as they can be mashed well. The are high in carbohydrates, giving a lot of energy to anyone who eats them. Their versitility keeps people from getting bored with them. They don't need hight tempratures or other special conditions to grow-they can do so anywhere.

As for those who would claim not to like potatoes, they are fooling themselves. Their repressed self-hatred issues make them feel they don't deserve the glory of the almighty potatoe.

Note: This was written for my philosophy class. We had to do this activity where we had to construct a philosophical arguement for the meaning of life. This was written with the assistance of Jessie and other people in the group whose names I've forgotten.