Stuff I was tired of seeing on the index page

This is stuff that has for the most part been abandoned, either because I made it so long ago it has become embarassing, or because it didn't really fit in anyplace else. Don't expect e-mail links or forms that these pages might contain to actually work. And for that matter, expect a lot of regular broken links too.

The Adventures of Toady!
New! 8/20/05

Jessie was robbed!

Writings Dreams People Assorted fun Yay!

Sky's Expirence Through Time by Caroline Conlon

A kooky dream I had


Things I do when I get bored

Months with Friday the 13th for the next 10 years

The Meaning Of Life

The same dream, but fancier

Ask Schwarzey

Ode To Green Apple Quick Step

Dumb Teacher Stories

Lament Of The Lasagne

Many kooky dreams I've had

Breakfast Steve Asks You!



Random stuff


Have sex with Brad Green!

Hymn #5


Was your house born BAD?



Interview with Brad Green

The olde "Stuff I was tired of seeing on the index page" page


Which cat are you?

Goals Shannon and I had that will never happen


Meet Joe The Freshman

Chain letters