Was your house born BAD?

By Kelly Brown and KJ Coop

First off, do you live in a...

Would you know a bad house when you saw one?

1. How often is the front door to your house open?

2. How often is your *back* door open?

3. How long is your house’s chimney?

4. When you come home, do you ever have the feeling that your house has done something wrong while you were away?

5. Is your house *dirty*?

6. How much flora does your house have around it?

7. Have you ever had to replace parts of walls or roof because they were "water damaged" or "leaked"?

8. Has your house ever been broken into?

9. Has your house ever been infested, i.e. bees, rodents, ants, ect?

10. Does your house have any screen doors?