Before I graduate from high school, I want to:

  1. Do the Lady and the Tramp thing but with like ten people so we have like a web effect going
  2. Go to Dennie’s at 4 PM and wait for 5:43 and say “We were waiting for the 11 o’clock special. Two people rub their faces in thier plates while two others pound their chests and make ape noises. Two further unindocterinated people will sit bewildered
  3. Karl will buy gas with 402 pennies
  4. We will go ot a really nice resturaunt and when the food comes, all patrons will simultaniously dumb their plates over and proceed to eat with otherwise good manners
  5. Shannon will reproduce and allow us to corrupt her offspring (optional)
  6. KJ will walk to Mercy-Scripps when in labor, should she get knocked-up (optional)
  7. Go to a Volvo dealership and count them.
  8. Senior class gift: A KKK suit for the principal
  9. Get a bunch of insturments and rockout on a street corner, as seen in the music video "Come On Eileen" by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  10. Tell mom "I can’t find the footsteps of Jesus, so I’ll just follow yours"
  11. Go to Dennies, bring own candles, ask them to turn off lights so we can have a candle lit dinner. Eat with sausages in nose.
  12. Go table tipping with Eric Myers
  13. At JesusDance.Com, there are images of Jesus dancing. Some of these images are wearing this cool blue outfit. Someday, I want to get everyone I have ever met together, wearing these outfits, and have a mosh pit. If there's music or a band or something there, I want it to be Green Apple Quick Step.