I've been having the most bizarre dreams lately. I have decided to post them, for all to see, because it's easier than retelling them 400,000,000 times (because there are that many people I'd have to tell them to).


Some time, not too long ago. Probably mid-May

Ashley Jenks and I were riding around, and we got into a car accident. It was a big pileup with about a million cars. Ashley was propelled from the vehicle, so I went to see if she was ok, and I found her picking barnicles from her blue polo shirt. Then later in the dream, I was in Natasha's dorm room, and she had a bunch of mice in a bunch of cages. She was doing expiriments for the college and was monitering their behavior. I started looking through her bookshelves to see if she had any cool books she'd let me borrow. There were a bunch, none of which I really remember, except one which was about what effect having sex outdoors has on trees.


There was a school, but it looked like a tropical jungle, and it's building were really run down, and some of them were ruins. I was with somebody (who doesn't exist outside of this dream, as far as I remember) but I made her dad mad or something, and I had to esape, so I went out the back door, and I was running around the school, trying to escape these people who were shooting at me. I would periodically encounter trails of children. I ran into Sarah Jones at one point, and then we got seperated again. More stuff happened, which I've forgotten.

Then came accross this hotel, and it was L-shaped. In the crotch of the L was a parking lot, and Billy, James Jones and Marissa were hanging out there. I was looking at all the rooms when suddenly one of the doors opened, and Sarah walked out. It was then that I realized it was the Jones house, and the parking was their living room. I smiled or waved or something at them, and they glaired back at me. I was on a conveyor belt passing them, and as I passed James I noticed he was knitting or something. the conveyor belt turned, and Jessie was there. I waived at her, but she also said nothing. Sarah came down and stood next to her.

Then I sat down where the thing turned, and Marissa came over and started telling me about how she works in a piercing place, and they gave her a free piercing. It wasn't a place where people get pierced (at least to my knowledge) outside of the dream. She showed it to me, and they'd placed an earing with a little tiny picture of a flower right between her boobs. She started talking about how her arm was swelling, and she was worried that it meant soemthing had gone wrong with the piercing and she was going to die. I told her I didn't know, and she went around asking everybody till finally somebody said it really wasn't worth risking her life over, so she should just go. So she went, and I don't remember what happened after that.


I was in this 2 story resturaunt, but the second floor was little more than a blacony which went around the perimiter of the building. I had some sort of a cut on my hand, and it was really small, but if I squeezed it, it would squirt blood really far. So I started squirting the people on the second floor with my blood, and they were all getting angry and confused because they didn't know what they were being squirted with or where it was coming from. Then, maybe before, maybe after that, I was on the first floor with Ryan, and we were waiting for a table, and we kept waiting and waiting. We were beginning to get impatient because we were in some sort of a hurry.

Finally we were seated. I was looking over the menu when I saw a Filipino family walk by. I listened to them talk for quite a while, although I've forgotten what was said. I started thinking about my best friend (well, one of two) in 7th grade, and wondering if that was her family. I'd forgotten what they looked like, so I didn't know if that was them or not. I heard them say Virginia (my friend's name), and I saw her walk by, and I knew it was. She was really pretty. She was also really pretty in reality, but she'd gotten even prettier, but she only looked at the floor when she spoke. Her family was asking all about me, and telling me all about her excitedly. Suddenly my other friend from 7th grade, Michele, was there. She said something about asking her if she had a boyfriend, then she was gone. I did, and she started talking about how in 7th grade she'd been too shy to date, but had since met a really wonderful guy. She talked about how she was in love with him and how wonderful he was. I remember wanting to talk to her and catch up with her for hours, but we had to go or Ryan had to go, or something. Her family started telling her to sing, because she sang beautifully (in the dream-in reality I never heard her sing). She did, and meanwhile, Ryan and I made our getaway. Ryan left before I did. He wasn't supposed to be there for whatever reason. Anyway, I was exiting, and I saw his mom in the lobby (since when do resturaunts have lobbies?). I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be rude and just walk on by, but I didn't know what to say to her. She hadn't seen me yet, so I could plausably do either one. I decided to act like I hadn't seen her because I wasn't supposed to be there. So I just ran by, and as I did so, wondered if she happened to turn and see me.

I was crossing the street, and it was really light. Then I was in this parking structure, and I was outside Meghann's car. She was giving a bunch of people rides home, including Schwarzey, and I. We were driving and there was somebody coming after us, so we had to turn in this little alley way, but we weren's supposed to be there so we were trying to think of a reason why we were. Meghann Sweeney went inside, because we were picking somebody up or something, or she was looking for somebody. Then Freshman Joe drove up, and the guy had run into him or something. I was really happy that he was there, and we were in this gutter or something. and then Schwarzey was there, and I don't really reember what happened, I just remember being really happy that they were there.


I was at school, and it was the second to last day of senior finals (as was the day I woke up after having this dream). I was taking my Spanish final, and she was reading off sentances and we were supposed to write them in Spanish. Then told us to take out index cards. I didn't have any, so I asked the girl next to me for some. She gave me a whole mint green pack and I thanked her. She kept reading sentances but because I'd had to ask for index cards, I was totally lost. She walked by my desk and put another pack on there, they were marroon. So I had all these index cards on my desk, and then I realized all the sentances, in their translated form, were on the board accross the room. She read the maybe 8th sentence and the test ended. And I'd never used the note cards, and I was really confused. I didn't know what they were for. I gave the mint green ones back to the girl next to me, and the marroon ones back to the teacher. I went to get my stuff, but somebody had moved it. There was a pseudo-box, that wasn't mine, but was made to look like mine. I opened it, and there was another box inside, more of a brief case, which belonged to a girl who sat nearby me. I gave it to her, and she thanked me, eventhough she hadn't noticed it's absence yet. There was a decrepid old bike by the teacher's desk, behind which I found my stuff. I exited as other juniors and seniors entered the room. Some I knew, but there was nobody I was really friends with

I went to the grassy area where the Coaster Kids etc eat lunch. I could see from pretty far away that there was no grass, it was just asphault and long rectangular lunch tables that every grade school in the universe has. There were a bunch of people there, some I knew, but nobody I was really fond of. I thought about the grass that used to be there, and the trees, and I was like "Hey, why don't I go to that area" but I was really confused, because I knew where it was supposed to be, but it wasn't there. All there was there was a bunch of asphault and lunch tables. Finally I realized (they'd replaced it. I kept walking towards it anyway, but it kept getting further and further away as I became more and more uncertain about wanting to go there.

I wanted to look for something else interesting, and I realized there was a pool on my left, where rooms 20-22, 24-26 and learning center used to be. I went over to look at it, but I got distracted by something. I was in the quad, messing with people somehow. I was like asking them stuff,or hitting them (lightly) on the head. Something mildly annoying to them, but amusing to me. Anyway, I went running up to the formerly grassy area, and my head itched, so I scratched it. It felt kinda soapy, and I suddenly realized I probably hadn't rinsed all the shampoo out of my hair. I went running to the swimming pool to wash it out. The people in the area that used to be grassy stared at me as I went by.

Becaues the school year was almost over, people were doing kooky things, and one of the things there did was draw pictures on the ground and build models andwhatnot. Some of the pictures were really pretty and fun, but I got distracted by the models.

The first one I saw was 3 of little boys in the pool, two of the little boys were giving the other one a hard time, then they hit him and knocked him unconsious. He sank to the bottom of the pool and drowned, which was what the other little boys wanted. Then I noticed there was a picture of him drawn on the ground, and it said something like "In loving memory of" whatever his name was. Then it said something about Jesus Christ. Probably like "Watch over him" or something. I dunno

In the second model, there was this prinecss, and she found a cat. She brought it home, and her mother didn't want her to keep it, but she begged and she begged, and her mother finally allowed it. The mother (who was the queen) sent the princess to go have dinner or something, but the queen stayed in the princess' room, and she backed the cat into the corner, under a chair. Then she got some sort of a device that resembled a vaccuum cleaner, but it gave out electrical shocks. Then she turned it on and started attacking the cat with it. The cat tried to dodge and escape it, but was eventually killed. The whole time, during both stories, I kept wanting to interceed, but I kept reminding myself it was a model, and no one was actually being hurt.

After the second model did it's thing, I don't remember how, but I was somehow in the breeze way, and my science teacher from freshman year was walking by and she had some students on either side of her. She was very angry. She'd heard about the drawings and whatnot, and was going to inspect them. We walked over to them and they were in a big, mideval looking hall. It had big stone (I think) pillars on each side of the hall, and stained glass between the pillars at the top of the archway. It's kinda hard to describe. There were a bunch of them, every 8 or 10 feet, possibly. She stopped at the "In loving memory of" somebody one and I took a picture of it. I didn't actually want a picture of it, but I didn't want her to know that I thought it was cool that people were doing this, because she'd probably get me expelled. So I took a picture of it in a "Oh, isn't this terrible." manner. You know how sidewalk is in blocks? A block or two ahead was a big speech which had been written into the ground, and I wanted to go read it. but I got disctracted by some people who were putting on a play at the

I came across this 01/02/03, and I found it half-written out. I vaguely remember this dream, but I don't remember what happened after that, so I'm just putting it up half finished.