A bizarre dream I had on 12/29/99


I was on the Coaster, and it was just before the second Carlsbad stop, and I asked Shannon if she could hang out, but she said she couldn't, so I decided I'd stay on the coaster because I wanted to talk to Jessie. For some reason I thought she was mad at me, and I wanted to talk to her so she wouldn't be. But she wasn't. She was really nice, and I was really happy to see her. I got off at the Oceanside stop, because a bunch of the usual Coaster kids were still on, and they were getting off to hang out, but then they were gonna get back on when it left (Kelly is the only one I remember specifically).

Then the Coaster was about to leave, so everybody boarded it, but I had these two really heavy baskets, and I was trying to lift them when the coaster left without me. I was getting mad watching it leave, when who should appear behind me, but Shannon, Karl and Meghann Sweeeny, who agreed to hang out with me until the next coaster came. I was extremely happy to see them, also.

Then some how we were all in a supermarket. I don't remember who specifically, except Kelly, Shannon, Karl, Meghann Sweeney, Jessie, Stephen, Jonathan, Jodi and I were all crammed into this really small aisle. We weren't talking or anything, everybody was looking at something in their own little section of the aisle. It couldn't have been longer than ten feet, and was maybe two and a half feet wide.

Kelly was paranoid about somebody watching her, or she thought we were talking about her or something. So she opened a bag of beans and started walking up and down the aisle throwing them at us, because she said they could hear, or they had microphones in them or something. She strategically placed open bags of beans around the aisle so they could hear anything that went on. She was telling me to talk into the beans, and I told her I knew better than that, because I'd known all along they had microphones in them. But I hadn't. I'd just figured it out just then. Then I started looking at this big display of jelly beans at the end of our aisle.

In an effort by the supermarket to make it feel more homey they'd put pictures up there. However they were all pictures of us from freshman year. The only picture that wasn't of us, was one picture of a bunch of the yearbook editorial staff at the beach that same year (they all would have been sophmores). It was Terra, Suzie, Ashley and maybe one or two more people, although I can't remember who. Then Kelly saw me looking at the beans, and started throwing those around, and eating them.

Then I walked out of the aisle into the produce section, and Jessie, Jodi, and Jon were all talking. Then I went to the check out aisle where I met up with Jodi, Stephen and Meghann Sweeney. Maybe some other people were there too, I don't really remember. Don't ask me how Jodi had the ability to be all these places at once. She had a bunch of chocolate breads and cakes with chocolate chips, and I remember thinking that it couldn't all be vegan. We weren't at a vegan store, we were just at the neighborhood Ralphs. But the aisle we were in earlier was the macrobiotics aisle from the Whole Foods near my house (macrobiotics is a diet, I'm not sure what the guidelines are or why people do it, but my mom says it's a religious thing).

In addition to all the chocolate stuff, Jodi had a movie, and it was a fictional movie about this little girl comparing Christmas to summer, and it was called ChrisSummer 2000. It had the movie's main charicter, the little girl, on the cover and she was wearing a plaid jumper, and the plaid was mostly red, but had a lot of black, and then maybe a tiny bit of navy blue, or dark green.

Jodi had a bag or carob chips (carob is sort of like chocolate, only vegan, although they do have vegan chocolate). Normally I get carob from Whole Foods, from the bulk food section. They have big containers of it, and you shovel out a good amount into a bag, put a little twist tie around it, and write the little number on the white tag in order to identify it. Except Jodi hadn't put a little tie around it, and she just told the check out lady that it was carob, and I remember thinking that the lady would think she said "carrots", and give us the wrong price for it, but the lady repeated "Carob?", and Jodi nodded and said "Carob" a third time. I remember briefly wondering if Jodi had enough money to pay for all the stuff she was getting. I was about to ask Jodi if all the bread-stuff she was buying was vegan, because for some reason I thought she could have been buying it for Stephen, or her younger brother's birthday party or something. I was about to ask her, but then I was awakened by the phone ringing, and it was Jodi.