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Angels Similar to the Tribute To Human Narcissism further below

There's a bad man in the back seat

A variation on "There's a bad man in the back seat"

What tree did you fall from?

A bike ride with the Savior Of Humanity!

"Billy loved Katie with all his heart..."

A Message For Bin Laden

A sacred blue rose

A bracelet for you

A "poem" about a girl named Brittany

God has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Yay for Jesus Christ!

Crush signs

A message from the Dalai Lama

Don't drink and drive

The importance of family

A Timeline Of Friendship

Gardens. Hoorah.

A trip to the grocery store

Are you a hottie or just cute?

HoW SeXy r U?!?

I'll be there

Jenny's a slut!

A tribute to human narcissism

Click here to see Christina kiss Justin!

The last rose

Love without end

5 or 6 chain letters that were sent together

Never forget

A wonderful prayer

A chain letter from HELL!

The Anti-Chain Letter

A prayer for my friends

For those tired of the usual "friend" poems, a touch of truth!

Reason, Season or Lifetime?

Remember when...

"This is freaky!"

You know a dream is like a river...

A man talking about little girls

Some dumb guy talking about his dumb friend with a surprise ending.