Which cat are you?

Thanks to Ryan for the idea

  1. You are a...
  2. If you were to make a nonverbal noise, how would it be described?
    a squeek.
    a bleat (like a sheep).
    a scream.
    it would not be audable to human ears.
    a meow.
    a silent meow.
    I don't know.
  3. What would this nonverbal noise be requesting?
    probably food or lovin', no one knows for sure. But I make it constantly.
  4. What do you do in your spare time?
    lounge around looking soft.
    bully the neighbors and their pets.
  5. Someone you don't know walks into the room. How do you react?
    I don't.
    I flee for my life.
    I beg them to feed me.
  6. This person tries to pet you. What do you do?
    Growl. Attack if nessicary.
    Let them.
    Purr contentedly.
    Run for my life.
  7. You want some lovin'. How do you go about getting it?
    Scream. Use claws if nessicary.
    Abstain from running for my life.
    Meow. Rub my butt against my target.
    Meow. Sit on whatever my target is going. Head butt them.
    Jump on their lap. Purr.
    Abstain from using claws if nessicary.
    Look up at them with my big eyes.
  8. How do you leave your mark on a place?
    Poop on the rug.
    Pee in the corner.
    Leave my hair all over the place.
    Leave my hair all over the place and blame it on someone else.
    I prefer not to leave my mark.
  9. When is it time to eat?
    Morning and evening.
    Whenever someone else is eating.
    It's always time to eat.
  10. How often do you leave the house?
    Once or twice a day.
    Once a day with supervision.
    Whenever I please.
  11. Are you still alive?