I am a free software zealot. I like cats and junk food. I’ve been vegan since November 1999. Being vegan limits my dessert options, but I think it’s worth it.

I’ve been developing web pages since opening my first account on Geocities in 1998. I started programming around 2002, threw some PHP/MySQL into the mix the following year. I have about half a Computer Science degree from Humboldt State. I have no interest in acquiring the other half, but I recommend the department to anyone with an interest in Computer Science.

I feel it’s important to contribute positively to the world. I try to always have at least one volunteer gig going. Traditionally I’ve worked for web development companies, but I’m hoping to move into the non-profit sector so I can focus more on the whole do-gooder thing. Some non-profits I’ve had the pleasure of working with are listed in the right sidebar. Should you suffer from an excess of funds, I recommend sending some their way.