Eliminating Suse splash screen forever

March 2nd, 2013

This trips me up every time I set up a new system. I go into the process remembering that I get tripped up somewhere, but retaining no details about what I should do differently. I am posting this in the hopes that next time I’ll remember to look it up here.

The first step – the one I tend to remember – is to alter menu.lst: for each entry, change splash=silent to splash=verbose and remove the word quiet.

That will remove the splash screen from all cheap ray ban sungalsses the existing boot options, but when an update inevitably adds a new kernel, it will get the default options, including the splash screen. Thus the second step – make Oakleys sunglasses Outlet a similar change to the default options stored in /etc/sysconfig/bootloader. The line describing the default options starts with DEFAULT_APPEND; remove the word quiet and change splash=silent to splash=verbose.

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