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I had this experience yesterday

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Fry: Not sure if weird feeling is stress or absence of stress

Incidentally, this is narrower than most instances of this meme because of this bug, which most definitely caused me to feel stress, pin this image.

Shrink Twitter widget’s min-width from 220 to 190

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Today I added a Twitter timeline to this blog’s sidebar, and I noticed it was expanding a little bit beyond the borders of the box. Twitter’s guide indicates the timeline will automatically shrink to the size of the parent, but that was not happening, I’m guessing either due to margins/padding or a hard-coded minimum. Twitter’s suggestion of adding width=”190″ to the containing element failed, but I was able to override it’s min-width property by adding the following to my stylesheet:

#twitter-widget-0 {
    min-width: 190px !important;

You might want to use Firebug to double-check the ID. If you have multiple timelines, each will have its own ID; I suspect there’s a class or something you can use to resize them all in one fell swoop.

Although I would have liked to the min-width to a smaller value, the box stopped shrinking at 190 pixels.

In my brief internet search, but I didn’t see this suggested elsewhere. Hopefully this will save somebody a little trouble.