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See more likes on Pinterest

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Pinterest relatively recently limited the number of “Likes” it shows. To see previous likes, add &page=2 onto the URL.

For example, my Pinterest likes are located at:

To see older likes, I go to:

To see even older, try:

You can increment the number as high as you like, but when where are no more pins, it’ll show you a message along the lines of “You haven’t liked anything yet.”

I discovered this by opening the Firebug console and seeing what Ajax call was sent when I scrolled down. I noticed the relevant URL variables, so I tried adding them onto my “likes” URL.

Grape Nuts is not vegan

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

After finding Grape Nuts referenced positively on a couple No Meat Athlete pages, I wondered if I had gotten bad information about the ingredients.

I initially found a web site that claimed that the Vitamin D was derived from “oily wool”, but when I went to check back, the page was gone. Although I found another page that claimed the same, but it was 10 years old. I found lots of pages that seemed to indicate they were vegan.

To address this once and for all, I wrote to the company. On August 1, at 9:19 AM, they wrote back:

This cereal does not contain any animal bi-products in it, and you can find all nutritional information for Grape Nuts and our other products on line at www.Post

Somehow that didn’t ring true, so the next day at 5:06 PM I replied to inquire about the Vitamins D and B12 specifically:

…I read that the Vitamin D comes from wool. Your letter tells me that’s not the case, but I’m curious as to what the actual source is. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me? Also, do you know the source of the Vitamin B12?

I awoke this morning to see that at 7:05 AM, they corrected themselves:

We do apologize for the miscommunication [sic] with your last inquiry. Vitamin D is derived from sheeps [sic] wool. The information about Vitamin B12 you inquired about is information that we do not have. We do however recommend speaking with your physician or a nutritionist.

Why they think a physician or nutritionist would know what their cereal contains when they do not, I’m not sure. But now I know, Grape Nuts is not vegan. Now to get people on the internet to stop claiming it is.