Twilight Brain Dump #1: Introduction and Links

February 11th, 2012

For a while, my favorite hobby was embarrassing Eric when he had friends over by telling all his friends how much I love Twilight. There are three major components to my love for it:

  1. I enjoyed it as a brainless romance novel.
  2. I enjoy snarking on it, because despite my sincere enjoyment of it, there are quite a few areas one can legitimately poke fun at
  3. Analyzing the messages presented in the book.

This whole post is full of spoilers, and if you have any intention to read the book, you should go do that before you read this post.

The most salient of the many criticisms I’ve read of the series is the way it idealizes abusive relationships. I would think long and hard before I’d give this to a tween or any impressionable person. It also glorifies the failure to (as cleolinda so charmingly put it) put on your big girl panties and deal with things.


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