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California missions

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I think there’s some kind of state requirement that all California 4th graders must study the California Missions by building a model of one mission.

A grade-school friend and I recently reminisced about the project. She apparently picked the most obscure mission in California, and her parents spent hours chauffeuring her to libraries all over town. She eventually wound up in the basement of the central library downtown looking at dusty blue prints trying to find the floor plan of her mission.

I laughed because I researched my mission (this one?) for the written report, but made no attempt to find out what it actually looked like, I just kind of threw together what I thought would make for the most awesome mission.

We decided that these stories are very representative of both of us.

I hope, before I die, somebody says something as flattering about me

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

A blog I read for lulz has not disappointed with its recent description of Planned Parenthood as

“…that bastion of abortion, libertine sex (for the young and old) and the undermining of parents and purity.”

Find the location nearest you


Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I’ve been at my job for about a month. I enjoy my job and my co-workers, but I really love that my desk is right in front of a window. I think everyone in my life is sick to death of hearing about it. I know the stories involving it are completely inane (“Today out my window there was a dude on the phone gesticulating wildly. Doesn’t he know the other party can’t see him? Isn’t he concerned about flinging his phone from his flailing?”), but I tell them anyway.

I forget it’s a two-way window. Some day that’s going to get me in trouble. Somehow I don’t think, “I’m sorry, I forgot you could see me.” will get me out of whatever it is. But until then, I am enjoying it immensely.