A word on book reviews

November 4th, 2009

I’m drafting some book reviews, and I wanted to make some comments here so I don’t have to repeat them in every single review:

The vast majority of books I read I have mixed views on. A book I liked all the way through would probably be useless to me as it wouldn’t give me anything to think about.

As I write reviews, I try to consider, however unlikely, the possibility that the author will read this review. I would do a disservice to all involved if I failed to discuss the things I disliked about a book because those are also usually the things I find most interesting. It is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. I hope it will always be obvious that any criticisms I may have of the book, and potentially the author, are not taken as a form of disrespect.

Also, not that I expect there will be any doubt given how vocal I’ve been on the subject of advertising, but for the record, none of these posts are sponsored or otherwise requested by the publisher or anyone else; I do not receive any form of compensation. The vast majority of books reviewed are checked out from the library after I read about them on the internet.

If any excerpts contain typos or other errors, please assume those are transcription errors on my part, not reflective of the author or editor.


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