Fixing WordPress’ “Incoming Links” after server migration

October 2nd, 2009

I recently put this blog public, which means moving it from the address where I accessed it on localhost ( on my dev box to it’s publicly visible address (

Most of the move was straightforward, but I noticed tonight that the “Incoming Links” box was still excitedly giving me the buzz about

The options table has a long string of what I believe to be Javascript in the option_value column for the row with option_name dashboard_widget_option. Rather than retype all 841 characters, MySQL’s good ol’ replace function will just update the relevant string:
update options set option_value=replace(option_value, '', '') where option_id=112;

I’m noting this here both in the interest of better remembering how useful the replace function is and for the sake of other WordPress users who may experience the same problem with the “Incoming Links” box.

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